Birth Stories

Here are a selection of birth stories from clients who employed me when I previously worked as Purple Walnut Midwife.

Guin and Phil – My Beautiful Blessingway

For my third pregnancy I knew I wanted to prepare holistically, delving into the emotional and spiritual side of birth as much as the physical and practical. I was keen to avoid the intellectual, medicalised focus of researching birth options with facts and figures. In fact, as the months wore on…

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Guin and Phil – Birth Story

This story really starts with my own birth. I was my mother’s first child, and despite the 1970s hospital setting she birthed me without medical assistance – she tells me I ‘popped out like a champagne cork’ as the July day dawned. My own birth gave me the body wisdom that I could do this…

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Antonia and Richard

I have been very blessed to have met a wonderful man, whose father is married to a very dear friend of Liz’s. Pat and Geoff had always spoken about this force of nature, this “Birth Mother” who is passionate about natural, non-medicalised birth and who is the most wonderful woman, as well as a highly…

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Jess and Paul

I had my first child Eleanor who is now 3 at home helped by 2 wonderful London Birth Practice independent midwives Mal and Elke. It was a powerful and amazing experience. When I moved to Oxford 8 weeks pregnant, my first action was to try and find another independent midwife who would be able to…

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Belinda and Tony

When I fell pregnant with my first son, James, I assumed all I’d need to know about pregnancy and birth I’d be told by my (NHS) midwives, including the best way to give birth. I wanted to have a natural birth, drug free that was the best for my baby and just hoped I’d be…

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Magali’s Birth Story

This is my story. I thank the Lord for this wonderful experience of pregnancy I had for Elikrenn. For me it was all about my journey with God. It was all about seeing how I could trust him. All my pregnancies have been a failure for me. I was feeling unable to give a right…

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Emily and Matt – Sept 2014

The story of my third son’s birth begins with the stories of my other boys’ births. Oscar was born on the Delivery Suite at the hospital in Oxford in October 2008. Felix was born at home in April 2011. Both births were straightforward and, once labour was established, they progressed pretty quickly. I would go…

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