Birth Support Services in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

What is a Birth Friend?

Women have always assisted other women as they give birth. This is what the word midwife means (with woman). Recently retired from midwifery, I have sixteen years’ experience as a midwife, both with the NHS and as an independent midwife.

A Birth Friend offers a wide range of services to provide continuity, calmness and care to women (and their families) before, during and in the days following birth. By offering to be a known and trusted person accompanying women as they give birth, I aim to help them feel as calm and confident as possible before, through and after labour and birth.

Liz Nightingale - Birth Friend
Newborn baby


As well as providing support as a birth friend during labour, I also offer birth preparation for both women and their partners, working through your birth preferences, assistance with preparing to breastfeed and postnatal (babymoon) support for those important days following birth.

Mother Blessing and Closing the Bones ceremonies are available too!

Mother and newborn baby

Birth Stories

Read through some Birth Stories and Testimonials from previous clients to find out more about how I work, and how continuity of care and a known and trusted person present at your labour can help you feel calm and confident.

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